To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit as we build bigger and stronger communities.

Why our community integration programme?

Our programme seeks to address some of the issues affecting our societies and which have major effects in our communities. Some of the key issues include;

Inequality in our society and communities

Race disparities and the perceived lack of opportunity for groups with low social mobility.

Growing crime and hatred

Crime rates have increased in the past 3 years with violent crimes being the biggest contribution at 53% in 2020.

Lack of education/ignorance

Educational settings should prepare all children, young people and adults to participate fully in life in the local community.

A less diversed communities in Portsmouth

Minority ethnic communities having more than trebled in the last 15 years from 5% (2001) to just over 11% in 2011 and currently estimated at 16%.

Health crisis and inequalities

Concerns over the relationship between poverty and health, including the impact of poverty on being able to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Unemployment and lack of opportunities

While employment rate has increase in the last year, self-employment figures have consistently fallen since October 2014